Thursday, July 8, 2010

Take 5 Friday

  1. We all made it through Leg's Independence Day Marathon...with our heads attached. While experiencing it, we weren't sure anyone would make it out alive.

  2. On Tuesday evening, Little Bit fell asleep on my chest as I sang her a lullaby. I can't remember the last time it happened, but it was sweetness to my soul.

  3. Legs attended a middle school event at church every morning this week. She was fed spiritually and I had time with the little to paint nails, curl hair, cuddle and watch musicals.

  4. Sonic was 3 for 3 this week on the quality(think of the three t's--taste, texture, tang) of my fresh fruit lime slushes purchased during happy hour. Unheard of but greatly appreciated.

  5. I set aside time twice this week to talk to my friend on the phone. Just for me. Without interruptions well, not too many. Pure bliss.

Tell me about your week the great and not-so in the comments. Looking forward to your Take 5

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