Friday, October 29, 2010

Take 5

Hello, friends. It's been a windy week here at the nest. Just like in Little Bit's favorite movie, Mary Poppins, storms have been brewing and things are changing. Change isn't necessarily bad; it's just different. It's the adaptation that takes adjustment.

So...let's take 5!

1. We were invited to our second neighborhood party here in the great state of TN. I washed faces, brushed hairs, and got us out the door and across the street. The chicks had a blast in the jump castle, the prof played basketball and was asked if he was a former pro you should have seen the man grin, and I managed to appear social. It was a success all the way around.

2. On Sunday morning, we attended an amazing Gospel concert instead of going to our regular church. We loved it. Little Bit was fully into it and the Big, although slightly uncomfortable, actually ended up clapping. Having roots in Deee-troit, the hubs and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It took us back to our church youth choir days where we took spirituals on tour one summer thank you so much Mr. Randy Bonser. IT ROCKED.

3. I made dinner for a friend who'd had surgery. It's a gift to be able to show the girls love in action. Then I made three containers of soup to freeze in case it ever becomes cold. Um, I haven't cooked this much in six months more like a year. Really.

4. We did "stuff" that makes the house feel like a home. After two and one quarter years, I put liquid soap in decorative containers, covered the Kleenex box on the main floor in stainless steel, purchased matching towels for our bathroom, and hung a few pictures. It's the first time I've been sure that we aren't going anywhere in the near future (we've always moved every four or so years as the man has finished a job or done schooling) and I'm thinking it might be okay to continue making this place ours.

5. I took the memory foam chair pad to dance. I sat on it. In front of people. A whole lot of people. I did it three days in a row. Folks, I park in a handicapped space and all, but good heavens, I fake it good. This week I just couldn't. It was equal parts liberating and humiliating. 100% of it? Growth.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Take 5

Yippie for Friday...we've made it through the week. Seven more days removed from the lazy days of summer. Those are the moments that I'm missing this week. Ones of quiet and sleep and a lack of rigid scheduling. How about you, is there anything you're missing this week?

Missing isn't always about wanting what you do not or cannot have in the present. Sometimes it's about looking back a bit wistfully and noticing what you need to work on incorporating into your days.

Here are 5 things I'm missing this week...

1. Having family close. After two years you'd think I'd be used to going it alone. I'm not. I miss the girls being able to laugh with their grandparents, and my mom and dad having the ability to really "see" them as they grow up.

2. My best friend. Skype, twitter, texting and the telephone are all most fantastic and I definitely feel her with me all the time, but there's something to be said for just being able to "be" together.

3. A well-behaved dog. I miss having one. Ours is sweet and fluffy and oh-so-good with the chicks, but well-mannered she is not.

4. Time. I miss it. I am not sure where it goes everyday, or how it escapes from me, but I miss feeling like I have it.

5. Fall. It's still 80 degrees here in my neck of the woods. I'm thankful for the warmth and the sunshine. I'm missing the crisp air and crunchy leaf piles of late October in the north. Oh, and donuts, fresh from the cider mill...I miss those too.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Take 5

My five for the week are painfully slow in coming...I'm going to blame it on grading period brain. With that excuse in hand, here goes....

1. The Big started pointe this week. Yep, satin shoes, ribbons, lots of sewing. Talent and hard work has brought her this far. She usually keeps me on my toes. Now she's on hers...

2. We've finished ten weeks of school--an entire marking period plus. Both girls are doing swimmingly and I'm only mostly tuckered out.

3. I've not turned on the air conditioning or the heat for thirty days. Waiting for the electric and gas bills this month looks a whole lot like a child anticipating Christmas.

4. I bought the husband a new shower head. Ours came with the newly constructed house two years ago and um, well, stunk. It trickled where it should have pulsed and dripped where it should have shot. In short? Yuck. He might just love me forever and ever.

5. Little Bit and I headed to Home Goods to look for the shower head. I wasn't expecting the Yuletide to be in full bloom. I started humming carols (a no-no before mid-November in the nest) and then panicked because I realized I wasn't sure what my style-de-Noel is...homespun, traditional, glitzy, partridge-and-a-pear-tree filled? Ugh. It all looked so magical and made me wish for snow while wearing Nike running shorts.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

You: Create

I have to admit, I just contributed to the creativity this week.

With girls? It's all about color and sparkle.

I found and supplied the paint and glitter stickers along with a smock.

The idea arose after the prof and I discussed the joy of playing with boxes as children. Throw me a bone here...did anyone else do that? You know, when your parents or a neighbor or long lost relative purchased a new appliance and it came in that huge cardboard box that had the amazing ability to transform into a house/spaceship/retail establishment? Hours of enjoyment...I'm sighing and smiling just recalling those moments.

Well, following the aforementioned conversation, I arrived home from using the elliptical to find this in our family room:

My dynamic duo had assembled a whole bunch of Amazon boxes to form a submarine. This project had "Daddy" written all over it. There was a new captain in town, and her boat was purposefully headed to the depths. I am quite sure that Little Bit created ahem clearing throat it was all Dad one of the most accurate cardboard control panels EVER. The child was preparing to dive, had the helm, and was removing sea life via her torpedoes with deadly accuracy.
Once Little Bit removed herself from the controls, she surveyed her new vehicle with a critical eye. It was missing something...




So, out came the poster paints, brushes, and floral glitter stickers.

With Woody, Jessie, and various stuffed animals along for a voyage, she headed to the beach.

As her Mama? I was asked to accompany the crew...of course I replied in the affirmative! How could I ever resist this face? After a bumpy, loud passage, we arrived at our destination: Isle of Palms, SC.

She brought the vessel ashore, I disembarked. It was a trip I'll never forget.

Thanks, Little Bit, for being you...spunky, self-assured, laughter filled and creative. How I adore sharing your days.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Take 5

Taking five is all about capturing the moments. Five, to be precise. Good, bad, or ugly...they all make up the week. Remembering them is what life is all about. Here in our nest? It's all about the remembering.

1. Our Big went away for the first time to a weekend camp. Gads of middle and high school kids from church were in attendance. Four coach buses. One new sleeping bag. A gallop-filled horseback ride on Luke (all the horses were named for biblical persons or characteristics). She learned, worshipped, laughed, grew. I think her wings may be a bit longer.

2. The prof and I experienced our first duo of days with Little Bit as a solo kiddo. Glorious is the only way to describe those sweet forty-eight hours. It was interesting to note the difference in the "feel" of our home...Our chicks are definitely their own little people, right down to the way our home hums when they are in it.

3. We went to the pumpkin patch. Twice. The first one that we pulled into was scary to say the least. The dude running it had on one very holey wife beater and the "patch" was thirty pumpkins in front of a lean-to. No joke. Thanks to the Droid, I mapped us to another farm about 15 minutes further...complete with hayride and corn maze. We got lost in the maze. I slightly freaked out after an hour. I thought about Google Earthing myself out of it. Narrowly decided against it when I realized how much fun my Boo was having leading us around.

4. I tried a fried Oreo. Correction: I tried a small bite of a fried Oreo. Verdict? Quite unhealthy in a doughy goodness way. It made me yearn for a real Cider Mill/Apple Orchard and fresh cider and donuts.

5. It became oh so cool here in the South for a few days. Amazing. We wore jeans and I thought about breaking out the fingerless gloves for the dance waiting room. It's currently back to tank tops and pants, but that is a HUGE improvement on the weather. I love wearing my jeans; they make me seriously happy.

What was stupendous or ho-hum in your days? I can’t wait to hear about your week! Just click below and follow the instructions to link to your Take 5 post. When it asks you to choose the web or a file for your thumbnail, choose web. Then it will take you to a list of the images on the page you are linking to and you’ll be able to choose a photo for your thumbnail.

Thursday, October 7, 2010



I'm wired. Purposed. Planned.

I believe that what we're wired for is where we excel. I've come to believe that sometimes we're purposed for some things for a period and others for a lifetime.

As a child, I was a nerd. Honest to goodness, teacher had to come and touch my shoulder to get my attention while I was reading kind of nerd. Bookish. Quiet. I excelled in school. I was a decent big sister, the kind who always looked out for her little brother, the one who brought him along to friends homes and played Barbie meets GI Joe/Transformers/Skeletor as his whim dictated; I used constructs more than my Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I also once fed him a dandelion, but that's another story. I excelled.

As a teen, I was still completely type A when it came to school. However, I found that a great group of church friends makes a girl bloom, the gift for which I will forever be thankful. I played soccer, ran track, sang in the church and school choirs, took up dance, sang in a musical, and fell in love. I was intensely competitive and social, linked to others while growing and exploring who it was I was being purposed into...

In college, I majored in english and minored in psychology. I worked with kids, special needs students, and photography (not all at the same time). I pushed and learned my limits. Still bookish, wired for perfection, set to be "on". All part of the plan.

I married my high school/college love. We moved 900 miles from our hometown for a new job and in short order we had a baby girl. Not planned or expected, but rejoiced over. Our eldest entered our world full of vigor and life and spirit and kept me on my toes from day one. Perfection went out the window. Patience learned while working with students came into play. The lens of my life had changed, and I chose to be molded along with the tide. Becoming a mother was a quick, wild ride, and I wasn't sure I would be good at it. I was used to excelling at things, and I was afraid at this I might fail miserably. Would I break her? Could I avoid making her like me? I wanted my sweet babe to be carefree...not so adult and not so difficult on herself. But, from the moment she was placed in my arms, I knew.

Wired. Purposed. Planned.

Our firstborn was not an easy baby. She had reflux and she didn't grow quickly. She screamed nine of the twelve hours we were awake together for her first nine months. When my mom asked me how I was able to stand it, I replied, "She's a baby, she can't help it." I didn't know any differently, so for me, this was how babies were. Our big grew, showed her tenacity and wit...I wasn't sure how I'd keep up with her. She was full of life and adventure and because of her I made friends in a new part of the country; I wouldn't have done it on my own. Our girl taught me that I was self-reliant and that she wouldn't break and I couldn't break her...that she was her own person and I couldn't make her anything. I was given an oportunity to lead, guide, nurture, set boundries, and love. But make? That wasn't up to me.

Four years later we moved again, back to our roots. The husband started graduate school and I set to figuring out how to be an adult with a child surrounded by a bunch of college students. We lived in an international community, had exchanged a home and yard and dog for tight grad quarters, and our now kid was praying for a sibling. I, too, was missing the feeling of a baby in my arms, the soft skin, coos and sweet smell all mixing together into that luscious heaven that is infanthood. We proceeded cautiously, and Little Bit arrived just over a year later. Bliss. She was sweet and small and oh so pink. I was in heaven. With the Big, I'd learned that babies can't be broken and it's impossible to love or hold them too much. Purposed.

With two girls and a tight budget, I took on a job. I helped begin and then ran a small company that grew and flourished. I learned that I was skilled at things other than being a wife and mother. However, working eighty plus hours a week with a five and one year old wasn't all it was cracked up to be...I was still stay-at-home, but how still was I? How much did I have left to give to the little people that played quietly, stacked blocks and read books while I worked the phone and spent endless hours packing orders?

Sometimes, you just know. You realize it all in a glorious instant that in Hollywood would shine with thousand watt bulbs popping in your eyes. You know. IT.

IT...that thing for which your are uniquely and gloriously wired. Purposed. Planned. I knew.

My IT? Motherhood.