Thursday, November 17, 2011

Physical Therapy

Sometimes, the rain and temperature drop combine for a caustic combination on the body.  

I tell my chicks that our walk for today is on hold, seeing as one of my ribs doesn't feel much like cooperating with the rest of the cage.  Sitting up straight is virtually impossible. Deep breaths take work.  


The eldest conspires with the little. They are supposed to be studying for a Latin exam as I lay flat on the  floor, the only position offering relief at this point.

A plan has been reached.

"You take her arms and I'll grab her legs and we'll both pull, okay?"

... WHAT???

Tiny hands encircle my wrists, stronger ones grasp at my ankles. The dog decides to come and lick my face. I'm trapped.  Protesting quickly turns into belly laughter as they both start pulling in opposite directions.  

Round 2, all pulling at once...I grabbed the camera between giggles

I'm not in any less discomfort as I type this, but a smile nudges at the corner of my cheeks....

Physical therapy for the day? Check.

Heart therapy? Double check.

Today I'm thankful for girls who do the silly to make my heart smile even when I'm not there yet...

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