Friday, July 2, 2010

A million little things

This Week...
This week I've stated "She can't hurt a thing." and meant it every single time

This week I drove to Gatlinburg to eat at a pancake place for lunch, and I don't eat lunch

This week I've done loads of laundry to remove meals off of clothing and I've treasured folding every single piece
This week I watched my eldest with new eyes as she toted on a hip, grabbed things, entertained and all around looked like I did with her--although beautiful, this scared me

This week I didn't care that my wood floors weren't cleaned and shiny--I treasured little tiny footprints mixed with big ones all over it
This week my main room looked bare--all of the throw pillows were removed and the rug pulled up so I didn't have to worry about milk being spilled or cheese and cracker crumbs being dropped--but my couch was full

This week, my Wheatie, Tallulah Mae (aka Lulu) became "OOOH-LU" and was the most gentle and sweet I've ever seen her
This week I listened to my Little Bit play a beautiful melody with her Aunt and was in awe

This week I taught little hands to color for the first time and remembered the first and second times I'd had this first...and realized it holds the same beauty every single time

This week I watched a little face bravely go into the water at the pool, and watched an expression go from shock to pure pleasure and laughed as the whole moment was then repeated

This week I had the privilege of purchasing little feet a first pair of new walking shoes and then watching the toddle followed by the stopping to remove a single blade of grass bothering a toe

This week I stayed up late playing video games on the Wii...I was quite awful and used up many lives, but I didn't care, because the moments were filled with laughter and teasing

This week I took a million pictures because I never want to forget

This week I watched my brother as a father and was exceedingly proud of him

This week I held, snuggled, carried and kissed sweet cheeks and the top of a curly head again. It was pure heaven

Today I took the two extra chairs away from the kitchen table and felt like something was missing
Today I removed a million fingerprints from windows and mirrors and left one just because

Today my voice cracked at the last "I love you" and I barely made it in the door before losing it. I don't lose it. Ever
Today I cried harder than I have in years because a red-headed "heaven in curls" who I adore like she's mine and her parents my brother, my best friend growing up are heading over oceans with too many plane trips to count separating us for years to come

Today, I'm thankful my heart is big enough to feel all of this...but I'm quite sure it is broken

This week? One I'll never forget and always treasure


  1. I'm so glad you're blogging again. Seeing the pictures through your eyes and your words. Knowing your tender heart and feeling your love for your family. I'm so lucky to be a part.

  2. I'm the lucky one. Thanks for encouraging me to share and walking the road beside me. Love you.