Friday, August 6, 2010

Take 5 Friday

Five moments. Five minutes. What amazing or really not so much occurred in your week?

I'll admit, it has been one of ups and downs here in the nest...we've had fantastic and flat out flip-flops, but each second has been memorable and completely full of life.

1. We were able to spend both Friday and Saturday with our Sara, who spreads more love into our lives than one could imagine...we painted, make a volcano cake, watched movies, laughed, cried, and sang from Annie. Don't let the girl ever tell ya she can't sing, because I'm just sayin' even with restricted air and an infection and pure grief she has about the loveliest voice this side of the Mississippi. No bones about it. I know this one probably violates the whole concept of a "moment" but honestly I'm claiming it as a million moments wrapped into one so cherished my heart may almost burst trying to hold it all...

2. We made it home mostly unscathed after way too many hours in a car. The girls loved on each other. I only drank one coffee from Daddy Starbucks what Little Bit called the establishment as a babe even though the duration called for multiple. The trip? Completely and totally worth it.

3. I was able to determine what has been causing the Eldest Chick's fits that have hit the nest like a furious tornado/hurricane/force of nature for the last month or so...big and grown-up feelings in such a smallish body, which is a post in and of itself.

4. I decided that I slightly despise temperatures over 90 degrees, and when they go over 100??? Well, forgetta 'bout it...

5. My Baby turns six today. Wow, that was difficult to type. She's lovely and sweet and full of life and joy and everything that makes women want to be mothers...

Loving this week...


  1. I love you and miss you. Have I mentioned I love you? And miss you? Yeah. I do. And I love being part of your week.

    Susie is coming over shortly to clean my carpet for me [so gross from all the people after dad died and such], but do you want to Skype at some point later this evening so I can tell Yodi happy birthday? If not, we can try tomorrow, too.

    Also, I returned a bunch of emails to you last night. So if you miss me [I miss you, have I mentioned that?] you can read those and it will be almost just like we're chatting. :)

  2. I just read this. I miss you too, and I would have loved to skype. Yodi would've loved it too. I miss you, my heart. I'm working on putting one foot in front of the other currently...but you??? Well, you're always wanted and welcome and needed and loved to the moon and back. When do you want to talk? Sigh. I miss you, heart of mine.