Friday, August 27, 2010

Take 5

sparkling grape juice to brighten the end of our week

Hello, dear Friday, we welcome you back with open arms and a toast (non-alcholic of course!!)here in the nest. Here's the overview of what's happened this week...
1.On Tuesday we hosted a party for the professor's grad students. He suggested we should have one late last week and I agreed (I'm a crazy woman). Thus, invitations went out post haste, food was ordered, and decorations were purchased. I reserved our neighborhood pool house. We were expecting 12 and 20 was a fantastic get together.
2.The road comission is doing major construction on the road where our library sits. I despise getting in there to grab books that I use for our homeschooling lit, but broke down and made the trek yesterday. The chicks are quite pleased.
3.I received a package in the mail from my dear friend, Sara, yesterday afternoon. I may sleep at some point in the near future. 'Tis what dreams are made of...
4.Evening and morning temps are bringing just a hint of fall...and I'm opening the windows and loving every second of it. Do note that "fall" means seventy degrees around here. Bliss.

5.I've instituted a "thirteen hour" policy for downtime in our household that is applicable to the girls on school nights. This means that 13 hours after they awaken they need to go back to bed. We all need the rest and I need the moments without voices. I LOVE the happy sounds of my girls, but sometimes I just need silence. Or White Collar/Covert Affairs/Burn Notice. Lovin' USA and TNT during the summer :)

Pinkies up, darling...

juice and oat better start to the day


  1. I'm going to start drinking my water out of wine glasses. We missed that in our Fancy Conference, but I can see here it's of vital importance.

    I think 13 hour sounds like a brilliant policy. I hope it brings much needed rest for the littles and much needed quiet for their mama. You're one smart chick.

  2. enjoying hearing of what is going on in your corner of my city. i too am enjoying the cooler temps… the lower humidity is like an oasis.
    i like the idea of 13 hour days. i wonder if i can adhere… it's something to shoot for!
    love the idea of drinking juice or water from a wine glass. pinkies out indeed!
    thanks for sharing a bit of your life.