Thursday, August 12, 2010

You :: Create

My buddy, Sara, hosts a weekly link all about expressing one's creativity. In and of herself, Sara is probably one of the most creative people I know...everything she does results in excellence and beauty and I consider it an honor to be called "friend" by this amazing woman.

When we went to visit her a few weeks ago, I had planned to do something that would bring color and beauty and life to her world. I desired to gift her with something that would last far beyond the days of our trip, and which would remind her that she's thought of and treasured every single day. I also needed something completely maintenance free, as I didn't want my sweet friend to have to call anyone in to assist her in caring for what we would do...

My project began at Home Depot, where the chicks, the Professor and I carefully perused the rows of perennials. As a side note, flower selection is far greater in East Tennessee due to to yearly temperature ranges, but I was quite pleased with what was left in Waterloo, IA.

The girls each helped choose a plant and I picked the remainders. The man of our house stood and bent and lifted and pushed the cart. Even here at the nest, he's a fantastic help with the projects that I usually scheme um, dream up for us. He even has an uncanny scary sixth sense of when I am about to attempt something far beyond my energy and strength level and arrives home to rescue give me assistance when I most need it. He's a man among men, and I'm forever thankful that he chose me.

In my planning, I'd sworn (as in "I do solemnly swear") that I was only using perennials for the grand scheme. However, as I was standing looking at the flatbed we were pulling toward the checkout, I made a snap decision; the sunflower was a necessity. I'd gone with blooms that would require only rainwater and a mix of sun and shade, but the brilliant plant with petals of yellow was too much for me to leave behind. I grabbed it, a bag of mulch to match my own beds, a long handled shovel, and a container of miracle grow to round out the supplies.

We returned to Sar's and set to work...J removed pavers and dug holes, I pointed and placed and covered with dirt and mulch. The lasses ate and played frisbee and gave pointers, and my friend and her mostly companion watched from the door wall, snapping moments and laughing and generally looking pleased with the project, which was the intent of the whole give her life and color and joy all in one...something to look at and remember every single day how loved and treasured she in the form of plants that will ebb and return with the seasons, a "garden" that I can come and tend...the promise that I'll keep returning to her door.

Our You::Create for the girl who began the concept:

And the buds with the meaning which best express our hearts...


  1. Shannon, this has got to the best You:Create ever. You not only created a flower bed, but you created joy, a beautiful view, and a joy for a beautiful lady.

    Thank you for this.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that you did this for Sara - it has inspired me more than once this week :) yay for Sunflowers!!

  3. My favorite You:create EVER. For sure. I adore that you did this for Sara.

  4. So happy to be able to come over and meet you like this:) We are kindred spirits in our love of all things Gitz. I was deeply humbled by your trip to stay with Sara and love on her as well as you did. You clearly captured her spirit in doing this for her and its such an honor to get to know you.

  5. Oh my heart, how I miss you. My nurse came today [she is back from vacation so it's her first time here since you did the planting] and she LOVED it. I told her all about you coming and she was bummed she didn't see the girls after I told her how perfect they are.

    I love seeing the plants every day, but I have bits of you all around the house... so grateful to be wrapped up in all of you.

  6. Parking my car and spying that simple, classic garden brought such a smile to my face. It's perfect! I can only imagine the excitement of those beautiful girls (as well as Ricochet Riley) as you were working on it. Thank you for blessing our friend - and me too!

  7. Okay, I have to admit that I am super excited to have six comments. I know, Imma dork. :) Candy, thank you for being the bringer of all things lime slush back to Sara's pad--I'm soooo thankful for you. For the rest of you amazing sweet and talented chicks...I can't wait to get to know you. You all love our Sara so well that it is an honor to be among you. Kaycee & Prudy,it's probably my favorite you:create EVER too, b/c I don't think anything can top being able to share joy with someone you love. Jenny, totally and completely three cheers for sunflowers :). Vicky, I look forward to getting to know you as was our honor to love on sweet Sara. Plain and simple? That girl holds our hearts.