Friday, October 15, 2010

Take 5

My five for the week are painfully slow in coming...I'm going to blame it on grading period brain. With that excuse in hand, here goes....

1. The Big started pointe this week. Yep, satin shoes, ribbons, lots of sewing. Talent and hard work has brought her this far. She usually keeps me on my toes. Now she's on hers...

2. We've finished ten weeks of school--an entire marking period plus. Both girls are doing swimmingly and I'm only mostly tuckered out.

3. I've not turned on the air conditioning or the heat for thirty days. Waiting for the electric and gas bills this month looks a whole lot like a child anticipating Christmas.

4. I bought the husband a new shower head. Ours came with the newly constructed house two years ago and um, well, stunk. It trickled where it should have pulsed and dripped where it should have shot. In short? Yuck. He might just love me forever and ever.

5. Little Bit and I headed to Home Goods to look for the shower head. I wasn't expecting the Yuletide to be in full bloom. I started humming carols (a no-no before mid-November in the nest) and then panicked because I realized I wasn't sure what my style-de-Noel is...homespun, traditional, glitzy, partridge-and-a-pear-tree filled? Ugh. It all looked so magical and made me wish for snow while wearing Nike running shorts.

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  1. ah fun! I totally did this and didn't know you had a linky up :) i'm stopping over from gitz's!
    1. pointe sounds like so much fun! how exciting she gets to do it
    3. that will be a fabulous bill. funny that there is such a thing!

    hope you have a fabulous weekend and i'm excited to get to "know" you better!

  2. Hey girls! Pointe is exciting! Her toes have survived the last weeks and are holding up nicely. My body couldn't regulate a temp to save my life. My toes and fingers go numb and purple and white and aren't incredibly attractive. I'm uber thankful for sweaters, warm socks and slippers, and scarves which I wear in the house. I also love fingerless gloves. Grading period brain refers to homeschooling. Wouldn't it be weird to grade your period? That's another convo entirely :)Oh, and on the bill? The girls decided to wash the car--the entire time I trimmed bushes. So much for a low water bill. It was hilarious...I made the man check all of the faucets in the house and then try to replace all of the caps on them. OVERKILL. Then I remembered the whole "girls having fun while trying to keep them occupied while working outdoors" event. UGH. It's so much less expensive to have the car done at the 3 dollar place.