Thursday, October 14, 2010

You: Create

I have to admit, I just contributed to the creativity this week.

With girls? It's all about color and sparkle.

I found and supplied the paint and glitter stickers along with a smock.

The idea arose after the prof and I discussed the joy of playing with boxes as children. Throw me a bone here...did anyone else do that? You know, when your parents or a neighbor or long lost relative purchased a new appliance and it came in that huge cardboard box that had the amazing ability to transform into a house/spaceship/retail establishment? Hours of enjoyment...I'm sighing and smiling just recalling those moments.

Well, following the aforementioned conversation, I arrived home from using the elliptical to find this in our family room:

My dynamic duo had assembled a whole bunch of Amazon boxes to form a submarine. This project had "Daddy" written all over it. There was a new captain in town, and her boat was purposefully headed to the depths. I am quite sure that Little Bit created ahem clearing throat it was all Dad one of the most accurate cardboard control panels EVER. The child was preparing to dive, had the helm, and was removing sea life via her torpedoes with deadly accuracy.
Once Little Bit removed herself from the controls, she surveyed her new vehicle with a critical eye. It was missing something...




So, out came the poster paints, brushes, and floral glitter stickers.

With Woody, Jessie, and various stuffed animals along for a voyage, she headed to the beach.

As her Mama? I was asked to accompany the crew...of course I replied in the affirmative! How could I ever resist this face? After a bumpy, loud passage, we arrived at our destination: Isle of Palms, SC.

She brought the vessel ashore, I disembarked. It was a trip I'll never forget.

Thanks, Little Bit, for being you...spunky, self-assured, laughter filled and creative. How I adore sharing your days.


  1. So cool. Great way to give second life to boxes.

  2. wow that is so cool!! i didn't even know that livingroom carpet was seaworthy! great way to stay occupied and great memories to share. love it!

  3. I LOVE THIS! And yes, we totally played in boxes. And I used to help my nieces and nephews make space ships as well, but obviously submarines would be the first choice in your household. :)

    That kid did a fantastic job. I can see that art class was definitely taken care of this week. :)

  4. okay this is SO fun! i need to totally try this someday!

  5. This was soooo fun. I loved her spark while she did it, and yes, the carpet is TOTALLY seaworthy in her bedroom. In the main she was on the wood floors, which slide a WHOLE lot better :)wink.