Friday, December 3, 2010

Take 5

This has been an off week here in the nest...I'm attributing it to all of our activities resuming a "fast forward" mode after Thanksgiving weekend. Or, perhaps it is just me. Either way, there's never a dull moment around here.

Taking 5 is about moments. We've enjoyed them aplenty.

A highlight of the top 5...

1. Our leggy wonder danced at an event which benefits Children's Hospital called "Fantasy of Trees". On the eve of Thanksgiving, we watched our girl do both Kickline and Bollywood. I keep marveling at how she's grown, but realized she still looks bitty next to all of the other lasses. A big treat of the evening was having one of Little Bit's dearest friends (and mine too) come and join us to watch our Big. My absolute favorite part of it all was watching maybe the sweetest six and seven year old on the planet walk around, hand in hand, looking with wonder at sparkling trees and gingerbread houses. It was magical...JUST LIKE THEM.

2. My parents came to visit. It was unexpected. I didn't have anything ready. We were supposed to travel to parts north on Thursday, but our Big had been battling a nasty sinus infection that just wouldn't go away and I didn't want to put her though ten hours each direction in a vehicle. I called them to break the news on Tuesday night and my sweet folks said they would come here. I'm quite sure they were in granddaughter withdrawal. The girls enjoyed every single minute of it.

3. I Christmased the abode. I know, adding -ed to a word doesn't necessarily make it a verb, but we're cutting edge like that over here. Wink. I also declared, with the decidedly chilly weather, that brrrrrr"ing" would become an additional part of our vocabulary(as we've experienced uncommon and downright frigid temps as of late. Just ask my friend, a fellow southerner and lover of Christmas, I'm sure she agrees with me. Honestly, no one I've ever seen does this amazing holiday more homey and warm and, to use my sister Sara's word "glowy" than Robin. I aspire to her decorating prowess. I am quite sure I'll never make it. It's okay to dream.

4. I've done the elliptical every single day for the last three weeks. I'm just throwing that in here because I need to stay the course. I don't use it to lose weight, keep off holiday goodies, or because I like being physically fit (although the last two are nice benefits). I use it because I want to keep moving with the chicks. My husband tells me he's never met someone with so much determination as I'm climbing out of our cozy bed at 5:45 am into freezing morning air because I keep the house cold during the night to save money on heating costs. I tell him that it's my only choice if I desire range of motion. I wish I had more options, but I am thankful for movement, so I'm sticking with it.

5. We decorated cupcakes with friends yesterday in lieu of the traditional cookie baking and decorating. It was fun to watch the girls create masterpieces with frosting, sprinkles and brightly colored sugars. I labeled the event "a bellyache waiting to happen", but in all honesty it was gads of laughter and shared memories. Bonus? I can count it as both art and home ec for the week.

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