Friday, January 21, 2011

Take 5

Friday is all about taking five...five minutes, five instances (good, bad, or ugly), five memories, five reasons to be thankful for the week or simply grateful that it's over.

1. I'm most thankful this week that my amazing husband let me fall asleep on the couch last night. Yes, seriously. Best three hours of my week, hands down. I've not been sleeping consistently, so when I fell asleep during the second showing of White Collar at 11p.m., he sat next to me and let me snooze...until I woke at 1:40a.m. Although he had to leave for work at dark-thirty, he remained there because I looked so restful and he didn't want to wake me. What did I ever do to deserve this man?

2. I chose not to get groceries last night because all of the handicapped spaces were full at Kroger. All the close spots were gone too. Seriously, has no parking lot engineer ever heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act? Sometimes I wonder. It was one of those days where you feel every joint before a storm starts, I had Little Bit in tow (as usual) and needed a bunch of heavy items. I just didn't feel like lugging, trucking, and loading. I've never just gone through the parking lot of a store and left because there was no room at the inn, but it was slightly liberating. We had the basics (cereal, almond milk, bread, pb&j) but needed the good stuff. The items you use to make meals. I thank God my family loves me. A lot.

3. One of the caveats of homeschooling is the fact that it is difficult to reason taking a snow day when you do not leave the house to school. Sigh. The district has amassed six of them so far in our neck of the woods, but we haven't taken one yet. I tell the chicks that they'll appreciate schooling now when everyone is making up later. I'm not sure my Big is buying the logic.

4. The professor is teaching two classes this semester in addition to doing research. I miss him. His brain goes other places when he gets uber busy. I am so thankful for the fact that we are well employed, but when he suggested finding a job on a warm, tropical island the other night, I almost began packing. Then I sighed as I rejoined reality.

5. My eldest babe continued work on her solo for dance this week. I'm seriously in love with it. I could watch her and listen to the music for hours. She's done three lessons and is almost ready to compete with it starting in two weeks. I'm feeling large does of gratitude for the dance room we put in this summer... It's allowed her to go in and learn choreography in about three and a half hours total and come home and clean it on her own and given me the gift of not having to sit at the studio while she works. Phew. I prefer home to anywhere in the world.


  1. oh, hug that Jas for me. I love that you slept a little. few things in the world make me happier than knowing your body let you have a little rest. I can't wait to see nie nie dance. I have the email about next months online competition in my "reference" folder... I love that I get to see her with you. in real time. just wish I could hold your hand as we gasp over her grace. she's going to be amazing.

  2. I too have skipped out on a store if there were no wheelchair accessible spaces available; they are even more difficult to find than a handicapped space. And then people who decide that the extra space is meant to give them extra leeway to park -- um, no, that is for WHEELCHAIR LIFTS, people! //rant over//

    I am currently exploring the options for having groceries, at least the majority of them, home delivered. It looks like ordering from Amazon really might not be all that much more expensive in the long run, and certainly a lot easier on the body.

    Aren't amazing hubbies the BEST??

  3. Java, I did it again this week! I can't figure out why they put four HC spaces and two hundred others. The ratio is supposed to be completely different. Sigh. I loved your rant :)

    I've looked at grocery delivery too...I don't know where you're at, but there is a company called Blue Ribbon Foods that delivers regular groceries as well as fancy stuff. In our last state, you used to be able to order groceries online and then pick-up at the door (they bring them out) for a nominal fee. I know Publix (south) does this, as well as Hillers and Buschs Markets (in the midwest)...

    Sar and Java, amazing hubbies ARE the BEST!