Monday, December 5, 2011

Eyes Wide Open

"The secret to joy is to keep seeking God when we struggle to see where He is."
-Ann Voskamp

Sometimes, the easy thing to do is give up. stop trying. stop caring. stop doing.

We struggle to find Him in the places that are shadowy. We don't look closely; we merely glance,  then sigh in frustration at our seeming night blindness.

In the dark, we shut our eyes, squinting them tightly against any light that may peek under the lids. 

A bright that desires to come in, that steals under cracks and corners and shows as a sliver and reflection in places where we try to hide from it.

Light that warms, heals, brings rest to the weary soul.

It's in the struggle that we find out who we are, what we're made of, who He's making of us in the glorious mess we've made of ourselves. 

In the struggle we find that it's not as much about seeing Him as it is the knowing Him.  

It's about finding light in reflection.

In the shadows.

Our God is right there with us in dark as well as bright.

It is all about having eyes that open in the dark and gaze through the fog, seeking the clear view just beyond our grasp.

That's where the joy is.

It's in eyes wide open on the journey.

Grateful for....

eyes that open so very wide

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