Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As Long As It's Called Today...

In the last few months, I've bitten off  a bit more than I can chew. Between homeschooling in both the seventh and third grades, two new dance studios, piano and tumbling lessons, the house, a work project, a new puppy and then ahem re-landscaping the house last week, I've gone a bit coo-coo-la-choo. I'm behind on the normal, my inbox is a disaster, and my time here has slowed.

Not a new occurrence for me.

I enjoy challenge.

I go full throttle.

I realize exceed my limitations.

Of the heart

Of the body

Of the spirit

I'm a work-in-progress.  I know that. It seems that my online friends seem to have quite the insight; I've received sweet words of encouragement that lift my heart. Perhaps I'm learning the art of transparency.

Here in these wordsI'm finding freedom.

In sharing the truth of my story, I'm giving myself permission to be me, just as I am.

Just as He intended me to be.

I am incredibly thankful to all of you for the gift of seeing me where I'm at and sharing the messy and the beautiful. That's real community.

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called today..."
Heb 3:13

How may I care for you today? Share your needs and I'll be praying for them...or if you don't desire to leave it in the comments, feel free to email me instead. 

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