Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday's Playlist

A friend and I were recently discussing having a “soundtrack” to our day.

Do you have music that fills your head?

Or does it fill up your heart? 

If I was to ask my Little Bit this question, the pondering would be immense.  My babe, whose fingers grace a piano for at least an hour a day, loves music. It fills her up inside and bubbles forth as she hums and sings and fingers her piano from memory in all of her spare moments. This child? She goes to bed listening to George Winston on the piano and awakes with a song in her heart.  It fills her up.

The Grace Girl is different than her sister, but not really. She doesn’t spend hours at the piano a week, simply the required amount. She hears music with her body. I watch her, dancing in her moments, to the music that fills her head. Toes pointed, arms positioned, she just hears it in a different way.

Outside of prayer, music is the main way that I connect best with our God. It’s where I experience His presence most fully, where I am most at ease with myself, where I can close my eyes and rest myself in Him.

I am so incredibly thankful for the distinct ways that music surrounds each of us.

.   .   .   .   .

In my ears right now? “Rock of Habitation”. It’s the peace solution to the incredibly chaotic studio that I’m currently waiting in. What’s on your playlist today?

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