Thursday, March 8, 2012

They Call It Puppy Love

Sorry I've been mostly absent this week; I've had my hands full with our newest member of the family...

She's four pounds of fluff and cuddles, and has been a full time project in addition to all of our other regularly scheduled activities for the last four days.

We chose a breed that is a fantastic family pet, has a charming personality, does not shed, and stays small so I can easily handle her when my hands/wrists aren't in top form.

She's had her first bath, played for endless hours with the chicks, and goes with us in the car everywhere  (I want to create a fantastic traveler).

The only issue right now is changing her sleep schedule and wake-up time to better work with mine. Hmmmmm....any suggestions?

Welcome to the nest, sweet Maizey Blue!

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