Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Distinct Squeeze

An unknown author once wrote, "You can't wrap a hug in a box, but you can wrap a person in your arms."

A statement which was proven false just a few weeks ago.

A package arrived, ferried over seas, over islands, thousands of miles from it's origin.

Destination? A southern front porch. 

Sender? One sweet friend and her adorable daughter.

In favorite hues it came, with love exploding...delicate practice embroidery done by a hand that not long ago learned to form letters. Pastels abounded. Gifts fit for princesses. The chicks were floored, in awe. As was I, working to control the tears that this box brought to my throat; whelmed with the pure generosity of it all.

As it always goes, the Mama was last into the box. There, I found nestled gently, a beautiful note, tied with ribbon and specific instructions...

Always one to obey, I promptly did as instructed by my heart-filled friend. Handing the camera to the eldest,  I unwrapped my "hug-in-a-bag".

The girls desired a squeeze from afar as well, so I gently removed it from my shoulders and placed it 'round theirs...



It's what arrived on a warm April day, completely unexpected, from the other side of the world. A friendship, beautiful, which blossoms despite miles and the seemingly small fact that we've never spoken or met face to face.

A friendship of words, of the heart....from the One who created us to be in relationship with each other.

A friend loves at all times. 

Which brings me back to boxes...

Which do, indeed, wrap and carry hugs.

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