Monday, April 23, 2012

The Project

I've been hit and mostly miss for the last few months...but for a most excellent reason.


Yep. I've kept silent about it, but today (in)courage tagged me in a Facebook post, so I guess my anonymity flew the coop.


In addition to all of the normal (wait, did I just call this nest schedule normal???) that goes on around here, I've been working since January on Sara's Story for the *gulp* upcoming webcast that will go live this Friday, April 27th and continue throughout the weekend.

Have you signed up? If not, I'm encouraging you to do so here. I promise that this will be an event you absolutely do not want to miss. The gang over at (in)Courage has worked tirelessly to bring you a conference of unmatched quality. Pure excellence. Faith, love, friendship and beauty all wrapped into a weekend event viewable from your home. Or, if you're near one (see a list here)  a meet-up. As of today, there are 422 meet-ups happening around the world. Yes, you read that right...around the world!!! (in)RL is global!

Here's the trailer for Sara's Story...

Thankful for words that shape lives, for hearts that reach out, and for friends on the journey.

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