Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Bit of Silence

Confession: I started this post on Thursday. It us now Tuesday eve and i am sitting here in the car at dance (with a pup on my lap) attempting to finish it from the iPad. It's how most of the last few weeks has gone...so I'm rolling with it.
. . . . .

My voice has been silent for the better part of the last few hours.

(Insert wide eyes and gaping mouth expression here)

In the whirlwind of the drop offs and pick ups and more drop offs and pick ups I've chosen silence.

It has been glorious

The chicks have been busy with end-of the-year rehearsals and performances and even a competition for the Grace Girl. I've been sewing costumes and pointe shoes and putting hundreds of miles on the vehicle. The professor? He's been illin' with pneumonia. A quarantine was issued and much cleaning done. After eleven days and an antibiotic he's finally at 50%. We've missed him. With a compromised immune system and two lives who depend on my cape-wearing antics, me getting sick isn't optional. So, hugging (or being in the same room for that matter) wasn't happening either. I'm thankful that the cleaning and disinfection procedures are just about over.

Note to self: Add obsessive hand washing/sanitizing/disinfecting to the list of things the girls will need to "get over" when they are older...SIGH

So, that's where I've been lately...surrounded by noise and activity and craving stillness. In the seeking of peace during the chaos, I've been able to give thanks for the blessing of activity in my days. In the acceptance of the now, I find gratitude.

A gratitude that fills me up

The sound of the breeze rustling in the tree above the car doesn't hurt either...


"For you alone my soul in silence waits." Psalm 62:1

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