Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Minute Friday: REAL

Today I'm joining my friend The Gypsy Mama for five minutes where I'll write without editing, backtracking, or second guessing.  Because in the writing? We find pieces of ourselves that have gone missing, that we're looking to unearth...even if only for five minutes.

We find the REAL.

Ready, Set, Go.....


It's what we are sometimes when no one is looking.

No one but the One who created us. He's always looking. He knew what He was doing when He made echo I plant for myself in my head and my heart.

It's hard.

It's messy.

It's full of tear stains...of "you're better than me" moments...of awkward, uncomfortable silences. It is a place where we generally run from, breathless, hoping that no one has actually seen us.

Real can hurt.


It is only in the real that we can find each other, find ourselves, find Him. In the acceptance of what we are and what we were and what we might never be, or in, perhaps, the dream of what we hope to become...

In those things?

We see the real.

Much like a flower before blooms appear, or the sky as rain passes through, there is a bit of bare before the beauty.

And in that bare?

Real becomes visible...

...It is where the lovely hides.

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