Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Five Minute Friday:Dance

I've been mostly offline this summer, save for instagram and a bit of twitter. We've been full out living. With two dance studios and eight total recitals in the month of May plus standardized testing, finishing up curriculum and a piano recital on top of all of it...sigh. I needed another me.

June held more of the same. Solo prepping for NYC Nationals, tweaking, changing, storytelling. Daily Zumba classes for the eldest rounded out the weeks so that she would stay in top physical condition.

In our home? We DANCE. We don't just twirl. It is not a hobby but a passion. One chased with sweat, tears, and full hearts. We're currently in NYC, where the Grace Girl Was accepted to dance at the Joffrey Ballet School. From eight to six she's worked on a perfection only found in the discipline of ballet. After hours? We've "cleaned" her solo for The Dance Awards, which begins the 4th and go through the 11th. She will compete for a Best Dancer title on the 5th and go on to participate in the Dance Awards Nationals and workshops. I'll go back and forth between the mini and junior rooms this year, as my Little Bit will be dancing too.

Dance. It's what we're doing most of the summer. Dancing holes in our shoes. Moving until we just cannot go any further. But really? We're sharing stories from our hearts that come out only when we're in flight. As my eldest leaps and turns and pounds the floor, she shares her year, her grief, her choice. She's putting it all out there on the dance floor...the missing, the tears...all of her will be out there for everyone to see.

Dance is how she shows Him. In a puddle a few weeks ago she stated,"I'm not YOU. I'm not fantastic painting a picture with words. Dance is how I communicate." Her desire? For others to see the Gift Giver in her. To shine for Him, to communicate her difference because of her relationship with Him, through the story she tells.

Staggering aspirations for my little "big" girl. Am I behind her?

Every step of the way.

Dance your story, Nie Nie, with your heart (as Aunt Sara always called you on her blog). No second guessing, firm in what you believe. Because your story? It is one I will always follow.

*I took more than the allotted five minutes, but made sure to adhere to no editing or second guessing*