Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Joy? It's a choice...

...Choosing Joy.

It's how she chose to live her live. It's how everyone is choosing to remember her as she's partying in Heaven. 

Lucky. Duck. She's partying in Heaven...

Because as the book that Mary Carver penned from Sara's blog (linked above) discusses, it wasn't all sunshine and roses. Or even mostly sunshine and roses. It was real life gritty and uncomfortable. It was painful and messy and downright awful at times  most of the time. Sara chose.

She focused on the joy and the laughter and the family and friendships and community. She picked it. Just the middle of all of it she picked to focus on the good and beautiful. She made a life for herself when others might have wallowed. She did that occasionally, but always came back from it because she never wanted to be "that person". She never was.

In the book from the blog, Mary does an excellent job of choosing posts which highlight Sara's keep on keeping on attitude and heart. From tv on Friday nights with her "sisters" to time out on the porch with her parents or shopping in her closet with Laura, Choose Joy highlights the ways that Sara was able to live. She chose life in the middle of her chronic disease. She chose to savor moments and memories and relationships. 

Yesterday the chicks and I were in the middle of real life. Real life is hard. It makes you feel all of the feelings and choose. It asks you to try. If you never try you can never choose...and if you never choose then you never grow. You don't feel the feelings. You never step out and change your circumstances. It's a very complicated circle. It's messy. It's life. You must choose to begin to try. Growth comes from choice

We've been given the opportunity to choose

What are you choosing today?

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