Friday, November 5, 2010

Take 5

Hi Friends! It feels as if I'm a day late and a dollar short this week, but even taking five is allowed to be a bit tardy at some point...right? It's before noon on the west coast. That's my convoluted reasoning and I'm stickin' to it.

Here's our five in a nutshell for the week:

1. On Saturday, we put together a Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin. Seriously. It was glorious. No carving, no pumpkin guts (much to my big's dismay) and a super cute Pirate for our porch. It didn't light, but the amazing grapevine pumpkins did that I found at Target. Ah, how I love Target.

2. The girls got all gussied up on Sunday to grovel for candy. I don't particularly enjoy Halloween, but we go for fall festivities instead of spook. Little Bit had our neighbor enthralled with both her Pebbles costume (complete with dog bone hair accessory thank you Riley) and her description of how she believed there should only be Happy Halloween Houses instead of haunted ones...our sweet girl.

3. The prof has participated in a conference all week, so I've been on my own. I have loved every minute of the girls. We ate dinner out on Tuesday as a date and looked around for Christmas ideas. It is a gift to be their mama.

4. The dog has almost been released into the wild multiple times, even though she celebrated her 3rd birthday on Sunday. Lulu has taken apart the trash, ripped three toys apart, and wet the wood floor. She's showing her lack of patience with my not being able to walk her lately. The line is, "If she wasn't so great with the kids..." Sigh.

5. Families are difficult to deal with. It has been a particularly trying week on this front, and at this moment all I can say is that my prayer life is very active. Like, 24/7. I am a woman with a heart that calls out to God all the time. This week? It's been like it's echoing off of the canyon walls I'm so insistent. I know He's here. I just wish I could see Him in all of it.

I'd love to hear about your week! Oh, and a heads up for next week; we'll be doing five things were thankful for...big and small. People, places, things or ideas will all be appropriate. I'm going to cheat and do six, giving you one now: Fresh Fruit Lime Sonic Slushes....ah, how I love them during Happy Hour. I'm thankful for Happy Hour too...okay, I'd better stop and get Mr. Linky posted :) Have a fabulous week, dear ones. This week? I'm thankful for you. Okay, I just double cheated and used two. I have a whole lot to be thankful for in this world.

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  1. I adore you and your thankful heart.

  2. Thanks. I adore you too. A thankful heart is a happy heart.

  3. ohhh! i am excited about a friday linky! i didn't know this was a participatory sport. so fun!
    i hear ya on the family front. i'm struggling in a big way too. but with work. which in my case IS my family. heavy, heavy sigh.
    hope you guys survive this cold snap. i hear it will be more seasonable come monday. yay. just in time for work.
    at least i'm not camping this weekend like the hubs. ha!

  4. Praying for work and family and the fact that it is all intertwined, sweet one. Know I'm lifting you this week, okay??? Trust it.

    Yah for warmer temps, although I think it took until today (TUES) for them to hit.

    COME! PARTICIPATE! We're all about joining in over here... :)