Friday, September 24, 2010

Take 5

It's been a week of movement here in the nest. The chicks are growing and stretching their wings and, at times, my patience. Our five are mostly enjoyable, sometimes undesirable, always memorable. Five minutes, five moments that you desire to savor or discard. We're taking five...GO.

1. On Saturday, Little Bit decided she liked the dog. Santa brought us Tallulah Mae two years ago for Christmas, when the prof finished his grad program. The youngest has been yea or nay on her ever since...until Saturday, when I caught this glimpse of my girl and her new best pal. I was thrilled.

2.Due to the fact that we don't have the Big Ten Network (it's not even offered here in the South via our cable provider) we miss multiple Michigan games a year. However, while on the road to the beach I figured out that we can listen to the broadcast via my Droid. I was in heaven. I also realized we could "watch" (play by play on the field) on the computer. My man, using all of his technical prowess, contrived a new set-up Saturday just for me. My best buddy did her part as well, making sure she commented on each run. She even offered to let me watch it via her TV and Skype. But I had to leave for dance. Story of my life.

3. The eldest spent the week reminding us of the following: She's a tween, life is changing, and we might make it out alive. Might being the key word. The Lord spent it reminding us of His sweet moments of tender mercies and of how we are supposed to love with His heart.

4. A small group ensemble from the company team preformed at an event in World's Fair Park on Sunday. Legs was her sweet, sparkly self. It was fun to watch "You Better Work" one last time. Especially since I'd finally gotten RuPaul's singing out of my noggin after a long summer stretch. Oh well...we all have a cross to bear...

5. Although the calendar states that Fall has officially arrived, the thermometer hasn't taken notice. We've hit day 79 of temperatures over 90 degrees. I'm completely over it. The chicks have loved it, as they've been able to swim five out of the last seven days. It's September, people. I come from the North, where, just like white, outdoor swimming is an emphatic NO after Labor Day. I guess I still have gads to learn about becoming a belle.

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  1. I LOVE that you put photos with this one. so much more fun :) And, for the record, I've had her dance song in my head, too. I'm looking forward to practices for her solo, because I won't mind Matt in my head. RuPaul is a whole other story.