Monday, October 17, 2011


Modification (n.)

1. The action of modifying something.
2. A change made.
3. A small alteration, adjustment, or limitation.

I've been making a myriad of modifications around the nest lately, such as changing out shorts for cozy cable knits, switching lemony linen throw pillows for cream sherpa fleece, and altering my ever-too-long pant collection.


Three words that are synonymous with the concept of change and are found in the definition of modification.
I've spent most of my life coping with Senor Change, and my letter to him would read something like this:

Dear  Sir Change,

I see you've decided to visit me again. I guess you've failed to recall that we are not bosom buddies. I don't care for you. I wish you'd leave. You make me feel all sorts of upset inside. Remember when I was young and you caused such enormous upheaval in my life? I do. I also recall you wreaking havoc on my teens.  And my twenties. Not cool. Oh, and this decade? You've visited far too often. Please go away.  I don't desire to be stretched, changed, altered, modified, or further limited.  

Most Sincerely, 


p.s. If you see your friend, Status Quo, I'd be happy to meet her, seeing as she's never been a part of my life and I'm quite sure no one has introduced us yet.  Just sayin'...

I know that modification is a necessary part of life. I realize it helps me grow. I know that most of it comes from Him and I'm thankful for it. I just sometimes wish that the flow of change wasn't so constant. I want to hit pause.

I don't desire for my days to quit changing. I enjoy the newness of each morning. I usually greet it willingly. I do. Honest engine.I just hope at some point to get my feet underneath me before something else comes my way. I'm seeking out time to breathe. It would be lovely if one thing would stop fusing before another started and if I could figure out a way to get more rest so I was more capable of dealing with everything going on in my world and I could learn to be a bit more careful and gentle with myself, as I am my own harshest critic.

That said, I decided to start my moments and in the choice of response. I've learned about embracing change and adjusting my attitude to do the same. Being thankful for what I'm learning as it occurs, not as an afterthought. Seeking out the beauty.  

For the gratitude I need to express in order to change my heart? It's's in the choosing.

"This one step--choosing and sticking to it--it changes everything."

Needing Alteration:
I schooled, seam ripped, and
worked on adjusting...

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