Monday, January 9, 2012

One Word 2011- ACCEPT

I love the concept of one little word by Ali Edwards


I spent a great deal of time at the close of 2010 and beginning of 2011 deciding which word I should choose for the year...

I hemmed

I hawed

I prayed

I desired to choose a word that would remind me, encourage me, challenge me.

In my heart, I knew the term that should be put into practice...I fought it. Tooth and nail. I did not desire to use this word in my every day, in the hard. I'd always prided myself on being a go-with-the-flow gal. This one word? It would show the inner workings of my heart and challenge me to not just say I was okay with things but, rather, BE okay with them.


My word?

Accept. One little word that rocked me to the core in 2011. I thought that my word would relate mostly to my health. That's what I planned on it relating too.  You know, because, um, I'm the one in charge. Wink. 

As I was blogging in my head throughout the last few weeks of 2011 *yes, I realize this is probably an ineffective method of communication with all of you sweet souls who stop by here to see what's going on, and for this I apologize* it hit me that accept was the most perfect word for our year.  Burying it deep in my heart, adding it to each prayer, asking someone who knew me well to challenge me if she didn't see me making it a part of my day. 

When my word chose me otherwise known as when the Lord put a word on my heart I had no idea the roller coasters I would ride emotionally and physically.  He did. 

Through disease progression, loss of mobility, friend's illnesses, monumental changes in schedule, triumphs, tragedies, death... throughout all of it I chose to accept. I didn't realize early on how invaluable making this word part of me would be to my heart. He did.


He IS.

Once again I'm hemming and hawing. I'm praying. I'm asking for wisdom as I ponder words that float though my brain.  I am being both thoughtful and intentional.

But this year? I'm thinking about choosing a less loaded word. A word like funGrin

That's not really true...I just wish it was...I'm waiting on my heart. 

Do you do something special every year? It could be making a resolution or choosing a word...It could be a list of things you hope to accomplish? If you'd like prayer for it, share it within the comments, and I commit to praying for it and for you daily.  

As for my 2012 word? I'll be sure to let you know...

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