Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tied Up Tuesday

Tuesdays around the nest have done a one-eighty this month. It's more than a little bit of crazy that our "off" day  you know the kind, the day where you don't have to leave the house for any outside activity has become perhaps the most filled day of the week. I want to follow that with an UGH  and a drawn our sigh, but the chickadees enjoy flight, so I'll be kind and refrain.

I have, however, come up with some alliterative terms that go with our Tuesday schedule.  They include:


Today has gone from being our long schooling day to one where we start in the darkness. Instead of lunch at the normal hour, I pack the babes into the car and drive to one of the studios where the Grace Girl is putting in the hours to make her dreams a reality. The prof will pick her up when he's done with work roughly five hours after I've dropped her off and tonight she'll head home to finish reading Homer's The Odyssey after she grabs dinner. I'm thankful he's not travelling most weeks, as Little Bit will dance albeit much closer to the nest for an hour and a half this evening as well. Aye-yai-yai.

I've chosen to look for gifts in the crazy otherwise known as Tuesday.  Today I'm counting uninterrupted time with my youngest among the greatest of these...we've laughed, she's read War Horse and has enjoyed two hours at the piano unbroken by her sister's schedule. She's practiced her lessons, composed some originals, and found the Laura Story song Blessings that a friend sent to us for the girls a few months ago. Ever my fearless chick, she's taken to the challenge and is sitting and playing it as I write. She is beautiful...inside and out.

Just like that, my Tuesday is looking up. It's funny how a change of focus, of perspective, can do that for a gal...

...A double strand of pearls might make the difference too...

I'm counting gifts with Ann ... will you join me?

1. Gift that made me laugh? A lovely face who seemed to already know my heart on a Skype call
2. Gift that made me pray?  Hours awake in the stillness of the dark
3. Gift that made me quiet? The remembrance of a sweet friendship

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