Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Determination Department

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." -Colin Powell

We've always taught the chicks that anything worth going after takes effort. 



Hard Work

We spend hours a day schooling and just as many dancing. We believe that education comes second to faith and family, and the girls know that we expect the same effort in school that they put forth on the wooden floors. We're not the homeschoolers who do a little school and a whole lot of everything else. It's college prep curriculum in the nest. Both girls are incredibly high achievers who excel in their studies and work above grade level. We don't twirl until the equations are finished and the Latin is memorized. I loved to learn. I still do. I want them to hunger for it in the same way and work to instill it in those sweet little bodies.

Our Little Bit fully embraces this philosophy. She wakes early and eagerly attacks her studies. She's almost two years ahead of others her age in difficult curriculum. She is incredible. I know I'm a proud Mama, but honestly? She's the Mary Poppins of children; Cheerful, caring, intelligent, willing to pitch in and do more than her share. All that and a bag of chips. My sweet pea plays the piano close to ten hours a week because she loves it so much; she is almost more passionate about it than she is about dancing.

My Grace Girl...sigh. She has the sweetest heart. She also has the most fire-filled. That child burns from the soles of her feet to the tips of her hair. Ah, the Grace Girl. My babe who arrived in our lives ready to keep us on our toes. Her intelligence is equal to her that of her sister...they keep me on my toes. She's in the process of finishing up Algebra 1 and is reading The Histories for history curriculum. But...she works hard on what she wants to. I know that part of it is an age thing, and the rest is that she's so very her. I both love and cry over this part of what makes her so, well, her. In the determination department, the Grace Girl has a portion overflowing.  

Which brings us to the dream chasing...

Dance is as much a part of the chicks as freckles and blue eyes. I never anticipated the studio hours we'd put in or, more importantly, how much a part of them it would be. Dancing is akin to breathing at our place. Limbs go in odd positions as they stretch and move and lengthen muscles that stiffen on the car ride home. At our place, we dream a little bit everyday. It's as it should be.

Hard work and opportunity are frequent companions, as we've learned. Our eldest has decided to run full throttle after her passion. We've done quite a bit of travel to dance conventions and ballet auditions. Her humility and work ethic have made her shine. If she desired, she could dance away from home at a variety of locations for the entire summer. Ah, the fire of my Grace Girl...I'm reminded that she's not all grown up yet when she says, "But, Mumma, two weeks without you? How will I ever do it?" My heart lifts, I sigh. She's not ready to fly solo for too long. One big ballet intensive expects an answer by this weekend. Another sent an acceptance letter this afternoon. So many decisions in this dream chasing of hers. So much growing up that I'm not sure I'm ready for yet.  

Sweat. Hard Work. Determination.  Essential ingredients of filling up the heart.

Not yet ready to go solo for extended periods? Good for my heart.
.  .   .   .   .   .  .

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