Thursday, February 2, 2012

...In A Breeze

Today is glorious.

Blue skies with no hint of clouds.

The rain of yesterday shows no trace, no puddles remain.

Sun kisses my head and my just-toweled hair blows in the breeze created when windows of the vehicle are open wide.

Heart filling sunshine.

In working on an attitude adjustment as I flew out of the house to take the girls to piano so I could elliptical at the same time and then on to six dance classes which don't end until 9 tonight, my outlook was stormy.  So was my attitude. I didn't like me. I'm sure the chicks we're being kind in their tolerance.

Then, the warmth of the car urged me to open the windows. The open windows created a breeze. The wind made my eyes turn heavenward.  In that moment?

So did my heart.

In the moments of silence which is how I ride in the those brief moments the girls aren't accompanying me a song filled my ears. Old, treasured, sung note-for-note as I would've decades ago in choir...

For the Beauty of the Earth

"For each perfect gift of thine,
 To our race so freely given.
 Graces human and divine
 Flow'rs of earth and buds of heav'n"

So very thankful for a God that makes the ordinary beautiful, and whose gifts are perfect and given just when we need them.

Thankful for the reflection that comes with light.

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